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Academic Data Visualization Fullstack (Academic Ver.)

Social Data Analyzer based on the to-do list, gathering device’s records, providing data visualization in order to check their status of life in one Web page.

- How can social network service help welfare in reality?
- How can we see complex personal data collected from Internet or device is right along or not?
- How can we see better things or potential risk factor in these data?

- Collect user’s numerous data to cognitive analyze.
- Provide simple, powerful and intuitive dashboard.


Design the entire architecture and UI/UX sample, Did the research for the healthcare eco-systems. Made the data-collecting tool

  • Date

    January 1, 2015

  • Skills

    Bootstrap, AngularJS 3.0, Play! Framework 2.4, Scala, MariaDB, Hadoop/Cassandra, IntelliJ IDEA 14, Photoshop

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