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Project DANI (Social Map Sharing Service)

Academic Fullstack OpenApi Social UI/UX

Project DANI (Social Map Sharing Service)

A social map that can make user’s own street map and easily share. Won the Naver Corp.,'s app challenge with the first prize.

- Create my own map, drawing memorable spot
- Collaborate and share my map on social platform

- User-friendly UI and UX based on Rich Internet Application
- Combine several Open API, Map Service
- One-Source Multi-Use in other social platform


Developed an Adobe Flex web service to share user's memorable roads using Google Map, Open Social, BlazeDS, and GAE

  • Date

    March 1, 2011

  • Skills

    Adobe Flex, JavaScript, BlazeDS + Spring Framework, Apache Tomcat, ActionScript, Photoshop, Flash Catalysts, Flash Builder and Eclipse

  • Client


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