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Project Bridge (Social Map Sharing)

Academic Fullstack

Project Bridge (Social Map Sharing)

A mash-up program that helps Korean who have the foreign friend soon coming to Korea.


Developed an Adobe Flex web service to share user's memorable roads using Google Map, Open Social, BlazeDS, and GAE

  • Date

    April 1, 2010

  • Skills

    Adobe Flex, JavaScript, BlazeDS + Spring Framework, Apache Tomcat, ActionScript, Photoshop, Flash Catalysts, Flash Builder and Eclipse

  • Client


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1. Description
Title : Bridge for foreign friends
Objective: A mashup program supporting the foreign friends who will travel in Korea
Platform: Adobe Air
Developer: Team M.I.A.W(Image In A Web)
Language: Adobe Air(ActionScript 3.0) + PHP5
Libraries: as3corelib.swc , AstraWebAPIs.swc , flexlib.swc , googleas3api.swc(for Google API) , NMap_v1.0.2.swc(for Naver Inc., Map) , UMap_Flex.swc(for Microsoft Bing Map API) , UMap_Routing API Flex.swc(for Microsoft Bing Map API)


According to some statistics about visiting in Korea, there is average 7.8 million people visiting Korea in 2008. Since the popularity of the culture of Korean is more popular than the previous year, it is obvious that there is a lot of foreigners who interested in Korea.
However, in case of a foreigner, they needed more information about Korean to familiar with the Korean language since Korean is quite different with the other language especially English. We can find a lot of information about US or UK more detail but not Korea because the meaning of Korean is more than one.
I want to provide the information about my country to foreign friends more easily. That’s why I made this mashup program. I hope that it will be provided foreign friends even though it is small mashup software.
3. Feature : Since this program is based on Abode Air, most of the user can run this program any kind of platform. Moreover, it used a lot of Open API services such as Naver Map, Microsoft Bing Map, Google Translate, Google Weather, Naver Local Search and Google Image Search. So, the big flow of Bridge is as follow: 1) Search the list of hotspot in Korea 2) Translating the information of the list of hotspots 3) Save maps 4) Send the email to the foreigner.

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